SolarMax RX



Central inverters featuring a robust, compact design, and 4 independent power units. Effective designs to maximize the returns of large commercial and utility scale PV projects.

Minimum system cost
With its outstanding compact dimensions and low weight, the RX series is cheaper to transport and install. Its DC/AC oversizing capabilities of up to factor 1.5 reduces inverter costs, and its high voltage allows for reduced cabling costs.

Optimized maintenance
With a free 5 years standard warranty and optional warranty extensions of up to 25 years you can minimize the risk of failure during the whole project lifetime. What‘s more: Our optional preventive maintenance program MaxControl warranties 97% technical up-time for periods of up to 25 years from installation (alternative agreements depending the on specific project).

Maximum returns
Four independent power units (125 kW, 133 kW or 150 kW) each with its own MPP tracker. These power units maximize efficiency in the event of varying cloud cover, or varying array orientation. Separate DC inputs for each power unit allow installation without DC fusing within the inverter, maximizing your returns even more.
Bottom-line: Thanks to maximized flexibility, the RX series bring you highest returns for your specific project from day one.

Outdoor, rugged
IP 54/44 housing, rated to 50 deg C ambient temperature and heights of more than 2000 m. Suitable for direct installation on a prepared foundation or as part of an outdoor integrated skid solution.

Smart operation
The RX is designed with advanced inverter features, including remote control of P, Phi, Q and low voltage ride through capabilities.

Open architecture, professional plant monitoring
Monitoring and plant control are enabled by our own MaxWeb xp or by leading third party platforms. These solutions may be used to provide standard interfaces which enable utilities and operators to use SCADA platforms to control utility scale plants. SolarMax and our partners provide engineering assistance for integration.